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I never search popularity.
To be honest, I never like being on TVs, magazines, newspapers, etc. like what happened now.
My happiness is not there.

My happiness always comes from simple things;
It is when my son says ‘I love you, mommy’ every morning.
That’s my happiness.

It is when I give a sincere smile to people and they smile back at me.
That’s my happiness.

It is when I help people and they don’t turn back to be the backstabber.
That’s my happiness.

It is when people can appreciate me for what I do for them and for what I am.
That’s my happiness.

It is when I could create a poem or painting with ‘my soul’ in it.
That’s my happiness.
And it is when I could love someone without fear of being betrayed.
That’s my happiness… .
My happiness is simple.
But, sometimes life is not that simple…

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