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I grew up with books, stories, and knowledge about philosophy (from Western to Islamic philosophy), religions (from Buddhism to Islam), theology, and the world classic literatures and authors. One of my favourite stories since I was a child is about Parcae. The story ‘hypnotized’ me and made me want to know more about life, fate (fatum), and the Utmost Power in this universe.
Parcae (or Parca in singular form) are the three Goddesses in ancient Roman religion and mythology who set human’s destiny: birth – life – death; similar with Moirai/Moerae in Greek Mythology. The First Goddess has duty to entwine the gold thread which refers to somebody’s birth. The second Goddess has duty to bond the gold thread which refers to somebody’s life. The third Goddess has duty to cut the gold thread which refers to somebody’s death.
This painting is my expression about the story 😊😊😊
Picture by
Kanya Puspokusumo

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