Some of Kanya Puspokusumo’s works and publication, worldwide.


2001: invited by Mr. Zenkichi Kojima, Shizuoka Mayor in the semi-formal meeting, due to her achievement in Japanese Language and Society Research during her stay in Shizuoka Japan. She discussed many things with Mr. Mayor, such as politics, economy, social, culture, Indonesia-Japan relationship, and also an informal discussion. The day after,  the meeting was published on Shizuoka Shinbun (Shizuoka Newspapers).


2001-2015: Publication and works in Indonesia, UK (including the interview with BBC London), USA, Japan, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, China, Arab Countries, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Netherlands, and Uruguay.


2015: Book of Bandung Urban Mobility. Writing project with Bandung (a city in Indonesia) government.


Publication and Works in more than 19 countries, 2001 – 2016


Picture by PACTRIMS 2016

Speaker in Multiple Sclerosis Seminar – PACTRIMS in Bangkok, Thailand. October 28, 2016



Facebook : RA Kanya Puspokusumo

Twitter: @kanyadevi

Instagram: @kanya.puspokusumo

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