“What happened when you were in coma?” a friend asked me in one fine morning.
“I lived somewhere, in a big luxurious house with a garden,” I answered.
“A garden?”
“Yes. The most beautiful garden I’d ever seen. A place where peace and true happiness were the only things I can feel.”
“Was that the heaven?”
“I don’t know where I was. But no, I don’t think that was the heaven… Maybe it was the place for coma people to re-think about their life, maybe it was the place for transit before we go to heaven (or hell), or maybe it was just the place to make a new life agreement with the universe… Hmm… Yes, I think I’ve signed a new contract there. I think I agreed to help more people on the earth with all efforts before I ‘completely’ die someday…”
“Well, that was the place that can only be seen and lived by coma people. It was an indescribable place and feeling. Only coma people will understand. But here, I will draw what I feel about the garden. I always call it ‘the secret garden’…” 😊😊😊
Picture by Kanya Puspokusumo

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