The Philosophy Study on Javanese Sillabary/Alphabet “Ha-Na-Ca-Ra-Ka” and Javanese (Royal) Ethics .
-RA Kanya Puspokusumo, 2009-
Ha – Human existence as the God’s destiny
Na – Surrender all our hopes to the God’s hands
Ca – Surrender all to the God’s design
Ra – True love and true compassion come from the conscience
Ka – Focus on living well with nature
Da – Accept every thing as it is
Ta – Live our lives with the clear visions .
Sa – Learn to copy the God’s compassion (let it lives in our heart and be the part of our lives, and share with others)
Wa – People’s potential is limited, but its implication can be unlimited
La – Let God be the only guide of our lives
Pa – God is everywhere and always be with us
Dha – Every goal needs its first step
Ja – Accept everything that comes from God (for everything from God must be good for us)
Ya – Believe in God’s destiny
Nya – Learn to understand the essence of life
Ma – Worshipping God with the strong faith
Ga – Always listen and learn to our conscience
Ba – Living with nature in harmony
Tha – Start all with the good deeds
Nga – Let go our ego

Find the complete study here (Indonesian) . .

R. A. Kanya Puspokusumo  is a descendant of The King of Hamengku Bawono (The Sultanate of Yogyakarta), and still has family relationship with The King of Paku Buwana (The Sultanate of Surakarta). Both Sultanates are located in Central Java, Indonesia.   

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