I remember sitting beside you
looking at the two sparkling eyes
in the color of mystical blue
gazing at the flowery grass
It reminded me to the memories
written on every leaf
and to the clear sky speaks in silence
imagining the Lord’s gift
“The beautiful is covering the world,” I whispered
Then you started whistling a song
that will make every heart fly
and the birds will automatically sing along

Loving you
is like an artist…
As a Japanese writer said,
“An artist is the person who lives in the triangle
which remains after the angle
which we may call common sense
has been removed from this four-cornered world.” *)
Loving you
is like an abstract painting…
a painting with no particular pattern,
hard to understand,
but everyone can feel the soul amazingly
By loving you
I maybe misread the beautiful of this world
but I know I won’t wrong about one thing
The love for you that is given by Lord
will never know the word of ending
March 28, 2016

*)Quotes from Natsume Soseki, a Japanese writer/novelist



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