Be A Loving Person


Sometimes I just don’t like the way people start judging…

It’s like they can tell what you are going through by just looking at you.
A smiling face doesn’t always mean a perfect life. Being angry doesn’t always make you a cruel person, and sometimes keeping distance from people doesn’t always make you the haughty, self conceited type.
Emotions can take many forms but only a few can see it, as most of us are blind. There may be a broken heart behind a smile, pain behind the raging anger and sometimes keeping distance from people maybe because you are scared of being hurt.
Emotions are difficult to control. If you are one of those ordinary people with ‘extraordinary life experiences’ like me (such as being stabbed and destroyed into pieces by the closest person), you might have learned from your experiences that emotions cannot be controlled easily.
However hard you may try, there will be times when you cannot simply get rid of powerful emotions that invade your mind and you cannot help being angry, irritated, lonely, afraid or depressed.
It will take many efforts to learn to forgive and smile to people who hurt you.
Therefore, think twice before you start judging, don’t make your tongue hurt others and don’t let your presence cause discomfort to others…
Life is a choice.
Instead of being a judgmental, why don’t we be a loving and caring person?
Try to understand the shoes they should wear, and try to understand the steps they should make in life…



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