The Dancer

« Do you believe in God? I didn’t. It was not because I didn’t like God or tried very hard to be an atheist, but it was because I didn’t understand at all what or who God is. I could sense that there is something so powerful in this universe, but still, I need years until I sincerely called GOD to That Power… »

« Have you ever think about life? What is it life? Why do we live? What kind of life that we’ve been through? Right now, I really want to say “been there, done that”, but I just can’t. I’m still “being there, doing that”. Doing what? Well, let’s say that I’m still counting the opportunity cost; i.e. the opportunity to get all positive values in my life. Then, what could I get in this life? Time, money, quality of life; Can we get them all? I don’t think so!

We will never be able to have all these positive values at one time. There’s always an option that should be selected. The options would be NOT FAST – rich – good, fast – NOT RICH – good, or fast – rich – NOT GOOD. There’s always one component which should be sacrificed to get positive values for the other two.

Well, life is indeed a trade-off. Whenever we gain something, we have to prepare of losing something. Whichever choice we got, there’s always a lost of at least one value… »



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