The Soul of Innocent

« I’m Lorna. A fairy.

I live in Mr. Marco’s garden; a small but beautiful garden in a small town called Orvieto[1]. I’ve been living in this garden since hundreds years ago.

Hundreds years of living made me understood human’s emotions; happy, sad, anger, disappointed, vain, etc. I learned those emotions from human lived around the garden. Then, -I don’t know when it was started-, it is slowly become a habit of me to come to their houses, try to make ‘contact’ with those who still believe in the existence of my kinds, and make some radical digging to find out how human could have such emotions like those. Sometimes, my habit dragged me into curiosity that might kill the cat. But, the sensation of searching and finding always made me feel great. I could feel my heart piled up with magic to its fullest.

This story is rolling based on those kinds of experiences. Well, I’m not a good story teller, I don’t even have much talent to be said as a good writer, but I think my story is worth reading. At least, (maybe) I could give you some boring thoughts of the ultimate values… »

[1] A small town in Italy



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