One day in September,
A butterfly came to me and said,
“Why are you sitting still and
not chasing me?
Don’t you like the colors of my wings?”

Then I answered,
“O beautiful butterfly,
I do love your beautiful wings,
And it is my dream to have
a beautiful butterfly like you.
But I’m sorry, O dear butterfly…
I will never chase you,
Because I understand,
The more I chase you,
the more you will elude me…
So I decided to stay still,
and let you decide whether
you will come and sit softly
on my shoulder or not.
And even if you don’t come to me,
why should I worry?
I’m sure that other butterfly will come.”  

This story is about you, my dear…
That one day in September,
My love for you is becoming deeper and deeper,
My heart misses you every day and every second.
Sometimes praying to Allah
is the only way to ease the pain of longing.
Because having you as my soul mate
is the best dream I’ve ever had…

But no matter how deep my love is,
I will never chase you, my dear…
Because I understand
The best love always comes naturally
and it can’t be forced.
And it should be for Allah’s sake,
not for people’s sake…

So, if you don’t want to come
and sit softly on my shoulder,
Then it means Allah will give me
another ‘butterfly’ to be loved.
I do have faith that everything comes from Allah
is ‘the best deal’ that shouldn’t be argued.

So now, it is you who decide…
I will wait for your decision, my dear…
but it is not forever.
Because in this mortal world,
everything has a deadline…




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