Maybe it’s not a brand new story of to love and to be loved,

But in our love,

we can feel the sweet taste that is so inclined.


It is about fulfilling my wish, and your wish too,

To be ‘one soul’ so soon,


It is about a gift from above,

that is wrapped with a bow,


It is about waiting,

till the day we’ll know,

till the day we become ‘one soul’.


Of that,

A dream,

is all we have,


A dream about the purest love

A dream about ‘grabbing’ each other heart and wont let go,

A dream about the promise of another tomorrow,


So don’t stop here for time will tell the tale of which we’ve longed to sell,

to those in need of an open heart,


Don’t stop here

for time will tell the tale

about the true acceptance, sincerity, honesty,

and true sparks of love,

That we can certainly show them,



We will live strong and become the best,

The best of that our lives could lead,

And Allah will be pleased with us indeed….

Insha Allah.


*up above,

the sparkling stars

smile on us…




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