Pada rentetan waktu yang tak terhitung,

T’lah kubiarkan diriku terrajam catatan risalah






Mengeringkan sungai….

Hingga KAU bawa aku pada lima

Hingga KAU bawa aku pada kumpulan huruf

Yang larutkan gelisah hingga tawar

Lalu kulakukan pula satu,

dalam hening sepertiga malam terakhir…

Dan setelah itu?

Kulihat taman-taman yang baru tersiram hujan

Sehabis kerontang kegersangan

Dan kulihat pula keyakinan: SATU…..

Yang Maha Satu.

Tiada pecah lagi…

(Bandung International Hospital, 1 September 2007)



I’m just a drifter

Wandering from one town to another

Keep walking along the time

Asking wise man once for a while

for a drop of water

to quench a thirst,

to cleanse the dust in the eyes

No one ever knows where I’m going either when I’m coming home

I can just walk

And follow the path of

my predecessor….


“It’s the next stop,” you said

And we’ll get there….

The town waiting for the rain to stop

Just remember the last station drowning

The station of the dark town,

where no colors reflect

and the time is imperceptible.

Along with the birds

The town is counting every single town

The trembling shacks and canes

dark in the cold quiet path

“Just one station to go,” you said

And we’ll get there….

The railways along the town could be rusty but the train will keep on running in its unbelievable speed

Passing gloomy swamps, getting away from the cloud

You shout at the porter,

There’s only cracked platform there, though and drained wells

Nobody is waiting

People have left for another town

“We’ve got to go,” you say

With no whistles you leave the station for another town

“Just one more station, God…..” you beg

We’ve said our prayer

On the thousands of miles of blazing train

(Will I come to the beauty of   an end or get lost in an unknown station?)

AS.      2004

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