BOOK REVIEW: MS for DUMMIES (Rosalind Kalb, Ph.D)


(Published on MS in Focus Biannnual Magazine, London-UK, 2008)

I have read many books about “How to Deal with MS”, but I have never found a book like MS for Dummies before.

The book was divided into 6 parts (excluding the appendix); which gave us the A to Z about MS and its management.

The first two parts, “When MS Becomes Parts of your Life” and “Taking Charge of Your MS”, gave us a brief explanation about what MS is, how MS can affect our body, and what should we do if we’ve firstly diagnosed as MS sufferer.

The next parts were “Staying Healthy and Feeling Well” and “Managing Lifestyle Issues”. These parts were found very useful; not only for the MS sufferers, but also for their families and friends because these parts told us about the solution of some problems which could possibly arise in an MS sufferer’s life and his/her social circle.

The last two parts; “Creating Your Safety Nets” and “The Parts of Tens” will make the MS sufferers aware about what and how should they do to prepare everything for living in the future.

After read every word in the book, – with a very clear and easy-to-understand explanation about MS – , I think this book can really open the dummies’ eyes.

It’s really worth reading!

Reviewed by Kanya Puspokusumo,

Writer and Editor of Health Magazine,

President of Indonesia Multiple Sclerosis Group, Indonesia


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