Thou who entwine the gold thread,

Soul the child with the deepest breath

In the filigree he was born,

Crown him by the sacred throne


Thou who bond the gold thread,

Fill his life with white and red

In the filigree he will grow,

Hallow Thy name in the river flow


Thou who cut the gold thread,

Praise the Lord which can’t forget

In the filigree he will be burned,

To Thy kingdom he shall return

“But thou who hath hope

And lean to nothing except Lord

Will renew their strength”

I wrote this poem two months ago. It is about the parcae; T

he three Goddesses in Italian Mythology who set human’s destiny: birth – life – death; similar with Moirai/Moerae in Greece Mythology. The First Goddess has duty to entwine the gold thread which refers to somebody’s birth. The second Goddess has duty to bond the gold thread which refers to somebody’s life. The third Goddess has duty to cut the gold thread which refers to somebody’s death.



Well, I wrote the poem about Birth – Life – Death, because half of my curiosity is always in these words’ meaning. Not only the meaning which can be found in the dictionary, but also the meaning which should be dug all hollow by my mind.

When my father was still alive, I didn’t have to dig for the answer alone. He always ready to help by providing me books, encyclopedias, or even times to talk with. (Well, frankly, since he was a very busy businessman, it was kind amazing that he never said “Sorry, I’m too busy to talk with you” to me). But, when he died, I started to feel that this radical digging will not going to be easy to be done alone. In several times, this radical digging brought me to some bad consequences, and sometimes ended me up in tears. But, giving up shall never be my words.

After many years of searching and digging, I still can’t find the best answer about birth – life – death, but I started to understand that human can never be detached from his/her parcae or his/her fate.

A month ago, the parcae had cut one of my best friend’s gold thread; without warning. The sadness and emptiness suddenly crammed my heart. My chest was also like being stabbed by hundred knives; so painful. But there was nothing I can do. I can only cry and questioning why and why…..I’m the one who has uncured sickness, but why should he die first?What is fate, anyway? Is it true that fate can’t be changed?

Until now, all the answer I can get from this question is only “the real strength shall be in a soul who could sincerely receive with all hopes to the fate’s paths which leaned to nothing except Lord…

Well, who can give another answer???


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